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Bruce Brummond, owner and founder of Character Construction Company began formulating this unique methodology while serving as a high school choir director and school district administrator. He spent nearly two decades creating books and narrated online courses that provide tools, techniques and activities to help individuals and organizations minimize conflicts and maximize teamwork.

 History of C3 by Captain Ralph                                 

People have told me that while my new dad was serving as a music educator, he was perpetually invited to share his very successful human interaction tools and techniques. After retiring from a forty-year profession he dearly loved; he agreed to publish a book documenting his unique methodology of empowering others to reach their potential. Before my mom, Mary Ann, passed away she shared her managerial expertise in overseeing this massive endeavor.

Dad approached the book writing process from a very pragmatic perspective. He spent months listing the communication skills he espoused and applied throughout his storied career. The next step was discovering and developing quotes, examples and acronyms to best define and describe the words and traits in the lessons. Then he figured out how to best organize and package these gifts for the people of the world to enjoy.

His “off the leash” creative mind conjured up the concept of organizing the methodology by forming the chapter titles into an “acrostic.” You may have noticed that the first letter of all the courses in the FOCUS Course spell the word “CHARACTERISTICS.” How perfect; the books begin with a chapter titled “Change” and end with “Success.” It took him one full year, involving thousands of hours of “wordsmithing”, to produce a masterpiece of human interaction titled “Acronyms Building Character.” The book includes lessons of human interactions chronicled by humorous events, true stories, and entertaining anecdotes containing 237 words creatively defined by their acronyms. I am certain there isn’t a humanoid on this planet who has spent more time patiently plowing through the dictionary and thesaurus as much as my chunky chew toy, my dad.

People absolutely loved the easy to remember pearls contained throughout the lessons in the book. Many people then asked the same question. "Where is the workbook?” Another year of dad's intense labor produced a 247-page gem titled “Character Building Acronyms.” This epic experience is chocked full of exercises and activities designed to effectively imprint character traits in a cognitive manner that create effective communication.

Dad began developing hundreds of PowerPoint slides to enhance his seminars, organizational training, and keynote speeches. As expected, his presentation schedule soon became nearly impossible to sustain. With great remorse, he made a monumental decision to cease all of his public appearances. He established a goal to incorporate the book and workbook into an engaging narrated online course to share with the world.

For years people watched him struggle, struggle, and then struggle some more to merge a variety of computer software to realize his dream of building a course that would help the world be a happier place via cyberspace. You guessed it… "Bruce in a Box” was born! Dad, with his super voice, narrated the concepts from his books into a powerhouse online PowerPoint presentation.

His clients then encouraged him to develop an anti-bullying course and a recovery from addictions course; BULLY and HOOKED are absolutely magnificent. All of the courses are carefully crafted to help participants feel they are in the presence of a master teacher, my big boy toy, empowering them to experience fulfilling lives!

With tremendous pride, I am thrilled to witness the world embrace my dad’s futuristic methodology of effective communication. My late mom described the material, they and their C3 CREW have spent nearly two decades perfecting, as “how to get along with yourself and the people around you.”

The dedicated professionals at Character Construction Company continue to prove they are an incredible CREW – Compassionately Reaching Everyone Worldwide.

Thousands of people agree that the materials help individuals and organizations reach their potential by minimizing conflicts and maximizing teamwork. In memory of my late mom, Mary Ann, I am excited that people around the world have the opportunity to improve their lives by experiencing my parents' incredible methodology.


Character Construction Company

Professor, Mary Ann, Skipper + CREW - Compassionately Reaching Everyone Worldwide

Bruce began formulating this unique methodology during his forty-year career of helping people improve their communication skills. Mary Ann’s college administrative experience provided valuable insights to assist her in finalizing the futuristic materials. For nearly two decades Skipper supported his parents while they published books and developed online courses. Upon his retirement, Skipper was replaced by Captain Ralph as the Character Construction Company CEO - Canine Executive Officer. The experiences provide proven, easy to remember tools, techniques and activities to help individuals and organizations minimize conflicts while maximizing teamwork.

In loving memory of Skipper and Mary Ann, the Professor and Captain Ralph are intensely dedicated to help make the world a happier place.

Personal Mission

"I will avoid any substance or situation
That might interfere with my ability
To share my gifts and talents
With the most possible people
In the best possible way!"