Frequently Asked Questions


Hopefully all your questions will be answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I required to purchase the book and workbook when I order the course?

The Acronyms Building Character Textbook E-book and Character Building Acronyms Workbook E-book are included in the price of the Communication FOCUS+ course bundle. The BULLY E-book and the HOOKED E-book are also included in the price of their course bundles. We strongly suggest that each participant obtain their personal printed copy of the books, which are sold separately. The printed books become journals to retain, review and share for the rest of participants’ lives.

Which module order is best to follow in the Communication FOCUS Courses?

We suggest beginning with the CHANGE Course. Then follow the “I CARE about TEAMWORK” sequence…INTEGRITY (the leadership module), COMMUNICATION, ATTITUDE, RESPECT, EMPOWERMENT, and TEAMWORK. It is very effective, in a group setting, to have members select the order of the modules to experience. Or simply proceed through the courses in numerical order. Warning…you will discover that the choice of which module to select to experience next can be extremely challenging…all of the modules are very, very beneficial!

What is the difference between the quizzes and passing the tests?

The quizzes are activities that can be repeated until the correct response is attained. The tests evaluate your retention of the methodology. If you receive a minimum score of 80% on the tests you will automatically receive a congratulatory certificate of successful completion. You can save the certificates, email and/or print the prized documents. We suggest that sponsoring organizations provide additional rewards to successful participants.

How long is the course subscription? How shall we work out the time for our organization?

We will send you the narrated course(s) for a onetime fee. You will be able to use the course(s) for as long as you'd like. You might decide to immerse your organization in one course per month. You might elect to take a course every two weeks or even one course per week. When you have completed all of the courses; start the entire experience over again. Remember…work through the books, then experience the corresponding online courses. The narrated FOCUS courses average two hours to complete. Spending one to two hours per week for sixteen months works out perfectly for the Communication FOCUS course bundle. This allows a total of sixty-four hours. Approximately thirty-two hours for the book and workbook, plus thirty-two hours to complete the online courses. The BULLY Bundle, and the HOOKED Bundle both take approximately six hours to complete.

How can I best retain the information and have the best chance of passing the tests?

Carefully experience all of the activities in the books, then take the narrated online courses. Take notes, discuss the topics, repeat the acronyms, memorize as many quotes, concepts, and acronyms as possible.

How can I best memorize the materials?

Recite and write the acronyms and quotes as many times as possible; practice…practice…practice your muscle memory! Include the methodology throughout your daily activities. We suggest a word for the day, a quote for the week, a concept for the month, etc. It works great to have team members select the methodology to feature. Then the person making the selection picks the next person to select the next topic. Encourage team members to make use of the words, quotes, and concepts that will benefit team effectiveness.

Are these courses appropriate for middle schools, high schools, trade schools, universities, churches, youth groups, sports teams, military units, recovery groups, therapy groups, for people suffering PTSD, on jobs, to minimize recidivism, home schooling, etc.? How long will it take the participants to complete the course?

Absolutely! You and your folks will love learning to apply the methodology to experience a successful life! The courses improve everyone’s habits and communication skills; enabling them to better get along with themselves and those around them. It takes about thirty hours to read the FOCUS Course ABC Textbook and conscientiously complete the CBA Workbook. The electronic FOCUS courses take about thirty hours to complete. Consequently, plan on sixty hours minimum time to complete the printed and online methodology. The narration contains thousands of questions that can be used for participants’ essays, role-playing, group discussions, etc. Adding essays and/or discussions very easily expands the course time frame to one hundred hours. The HOOKED course takes a minimum of six hours, and the BULLY course takes about six hours to complete. Many people have discovered that involvement in this methodology lasts for a lifetime. In simpler terms, you ask how long will it take to experience the course? How long do you plan on living?

Can I reproduce, photocopy, or otherwise share the materials?

Sorry! The intellectual property is protected by very stringent copyright laws. Please review the copyright information at the beginning of the books and in the electronic course. To remain within the parameters of the law, while respecting our decades of research and development; it is best for each participant to possess their own books and electronic course(s). Please contact us with any questions regarding the copyrights of our unique intellectual property.

I only need a few clock hours. What should I order?

It is most economical to initially procure the entire FOCUS+ Course Bundle. You can select which course(s) you would like to begin with, then take the remaining courses in the future. Your subscription lasts forever.

Why is the course bundle called FOCUS? How about BULLY and HOOKED?

The FOCUS course title…Foundations Of Communication; Understanding Success…was developed when participants perpetually pointed out they were “focusing on improving their lives.” Skipper is occasionally wearing glasses symbolizing how the course helps us take a close look at how to improve our lives by practicing effective communication skills. The titles for the BULLY and HOOKED courses are uniquely defined by their acronyms.

What ages are the materials designed to instruct? Will anyone be able to read my filled-in responses?

Sixth graders to 96 year-olds can benefit from experiencing the FOCUS courses. BULLY is designed for ages 6 – 96. The HOOKED course is intended for adults and young adults. Not to worry…your responses are not stored or shared in any manner. Each course concludes with a ten-question test. Participants scoring a minimum of eighty percent receive a “Certificate of Completion.” Participants can experience the one hundred question test at the conclusion of the FOCUS course to prove their retention of the materials. A “Certificate of Completion” is presented upon attaining a score of eighty or higher on the final FOCUS test.

Can I review the ten test “practice questions” at the end of each chapter?

Yes! They are designed to provide you with the practice for the 100 question final test.

Is the final FOCUS test a combination of the chapter tests? Do BULLY and HOOKED have tests?

No, and yes. The final test of 100 questions covers all of the FOCUS course information, However, the questions are different than those in the chapter tests. The BULLY and HOOKED courses have 10 question online tests. Participants scoring eight percent automatically qualify for course certificates.

Can I retake the final tests if I don't pass them?

Yes! You can continue attempting the final tests.

I have never seen the overwhelming majority of this material before. Where did it come from?

The author has defined nearly two thousand words with their acronyms. The courses contain over 400 words uniquely defined by their acronyms. In addition, there are about 160 quotes included that the author has researched and/or crafted that envelop human interactions. The location of the acronyms and quotes are listed under the “Resources” tab in the top right-hand corner of the courses. While taking the courses you can open the tab at any time to discover where the words and quotes are located.

We would love to immerse our organization in a five-day retreat and cover all of the material in a week. Is that a good idea?

Would you try to eat at every restaurant in a large city during a five-day period of time? Would you attempt to drink water from a fire hose? If at all possible, it is best to cover no more than one or two courses per week. Discuss the words, quotes, and concepts until they become woven into the fabric of your culture. Say them and share them again and again until your favorites become part of your “muscle memory.”

Can we employ a C3 Crew Member to instruct our organization?

Certainly! Via high tech we can send you the originator of this methodology instructing all of the courses; we call him…” Bruce in a Box!”

Can we arrange for the originator of this material to present a keynote speech?

Absolutely! Mr. Brummond’s speaking fee starts at $35,000 per speech, plus first-class travel and expenses. Please contact us to discuss details and schedule a customized keynote for your culture-changing event!